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Rabbi Dov Ber Kaminetsky

דוב בער ב"ר

Rav, Pittsburgh, PA

Date of Death: Tue. March 10, 2015 -

Photo Credit: reference library
Salan Shmule New
Photo Caption: Rav Shmuel Salant d. 1908, Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, great-grandfather of the Rav Nosson Nuta Salant. This photograph made for Pearsons Magazine just a few days before the Rav’s passing, is believed to be the only portrait for which the Rav sat. Credit: Institute For Judaic Culture and History

Bio Information: 
Rav Kaminetsky delivered a moving eulogy for Rav Shmuel Salant in Pittsburgh on 5 Elul, 1909, a few days after his passing.

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Rabbi Yisroel Avroham Abba Krieger

ישראל אברהם אבא ב"ר חיים זאב

Rav, Boston, Massachusetts

Date of Death: Thu. January 8, 1931 - Teves 19 5691

Krieger Yisroel Avroham Abba Boston
Photo Caption: Rabbi Yisroel Avorham Abba Krieger, Credit: Michael Harel

Bio Information: 
The Rav Was born in Shpeishuk, a small village near Kovno, Lithuania where His father Rav Chaim Zev server as Rav. At the young age of 8, the Rav was sent to the yeshiva in Eishishok to study. His After bar mitzvah he Traveled to Jerusalem where he Entered the study hall of Rav Yehoshua Leib Diskin, Diligently studying for five years. In 1890 he returned to Europe and settled in Dvinsk where he became a disciple of Rev Meir Simcha HaKohen. Two years Later Around Was he appointed the Rav of Kosherdari and soon after Frankfurt am Main. Due to His Lack of success n Germany, he Traveled to American and Settled in Boston, Massachusetts where he Was appointed as Rav and an authoritative member of the Agudath Harabonim.
Among His writings are China Dchaye (Pietrokov, 1908), Lirtzonchem Tizbechuhu (Pietrokov, 1908), Olah Lyafeh (Pietrokov, 1911), and posthumously Taanugei Yisroel, 2 Vol. (Brooklyn, 1981), Kedushas Bas Yisroel, (Brooklyn, 1982), and Yad Yisroel (Brooklyn, 1985). Addition the Rav In Was a regular contributor to the Hapardes Rabbinical Piratical.
Source: Orthodox Judaism in America, Moshe D. Sherman

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Rabbi Raphael Asher Josephson

Rav, Congregation Adas Jeshurin, Baltimore, Maryland

Date of Death: Fri. June 2, 1905 - Iyar 28 5665

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Rabbi Shalom Rabinowitz

Burial Location Needed

Rav, Adas Ohavay Shalom, Chicago, Illinois

Date of Death: Thu. June 4, 2020 -

The Rav passed away in Chicago c. 1894

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Rebbe Yaakov Yisroel Twersky

יעקב ישראל ב"ר בן ציון יהודה ליב

Hornisteiple Milwaukee Rebbe

Date of Death: Wed. August 8, 1973 - Av 10 5733

Twersky 44 Milwaukee
Photo Caption: Rebbe  Yaakov Yisroel TwerskyCredit: Yitz Twersky, Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Twersky Number 37 Hornistaiple
Caption: Rebbe Yaakov Yisroel Twersky’s grandfather, Rebbe Mordechai Dov of Hornistaiple, d. 1903, Credit: Yitz Twersky, Kew Gardens Hills, NY
Twersky Yaakov
Photo Caption: Newspaper clipping announcing Rebbe Yaakov Yisroel Twersky arrival on these shores. 

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Rabbi Yosef Moshe Aaronsohn (Gadskinck)

יוסף משה ב"ר אהרן

East Broadway Maggid, New York City and Chicago, Illinois

Date of Death: Fri. September 24, 1875 - Elul 25 5635


Bio Information:
Rav Aaronsohn was born in 1805 and served as a maggid (preacher) in several Eastern European towns among them Mir before arriving in New York in 1860. The Rav arrived on these shores form Liverpool, England on September 19, 1861 aboard the Kangaroo Steamship as “Moses Gadskinck”. In 1864 he was appointed rabbi of Congregation Adath Jeshurun in New York City. He eventually settled in Chicago where he passed away on September 24, 1875 (not on August 25 of that year). Among the Rav’s printed seforim is Pardes ha-Chochma, Pardes ha-Bina, and Mattei Moshe. Of the Rabbi’s known relatives was his wife Libbie, who moved to Jerusalem and is buried at the Mount of Olives Cemetery. His daughter Sarah (d. April 1905) lived in New York City and was married to Raphael Leib Mandelbaum (d. April 1897). Both are interred at Bayside along Pitkin Avenue in Queens. They had a son named Isaac, who is mentioned in the Rav’s will.  The Rav’s oldest son Aaron Ben Tzion Bentson lived in Marion, Indiana. Another son David S. Benson (d. 1833), a carriage trimmer who lived in Indianapolis is buried at Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation Cemetery South. One, Michael (M.S.) Benson was married to Esther (interment: Springdale Cemetery, Madison, Indiana) they had two children Joseph M and Dora.

Credit: Orthodox Judaism in America, Moshe D Sherman

Credit: Moreshes Chachmei America’s Archives OF NOTE: Rav Aaronsohn was also known as Rav Moshe Salanter. 

Photo Caption: Inauguration of Rav Aaronsohn to the shul at 78 Allen Street, Source: The Jewish Messenger  September 26 1861

Photo Caption: Announcing that Rav Aaronsohn will deliver a eulogy for the Late Rav Avroham Rice of Balitome

Photo Caption: Death notice of Rav Aaronsohn in Chicago, Credit: The Jewish Messenger

Photo Caption: Announcing the sale of the (late) Rabbi’s library in New York City, Credit: Needed

Photo Caption: The Rav’s grandson (along with other family members) buried at Springdale Cemetery in Madison, Indiana.

Photo Caption: Marker of  Rav  Yosef Moshe’s daughter-in-law and granddaughter (Thema Tova and Chai Sarah) at the Jewish Bryner Cemetery located at 1915 Wilson Avenue in Madison, Indiana (there are all of 22 interments at the cemetery), Credit: Quietude

Photo Caption: Other family members interred at Kelly Street Historic Jewish Cemeteries in Indianapolis, Indiana. Credit: Ashley Dworsky and Rabbi Joseph Schanowitz of Chicago


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